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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site.

In 2016, after 7 years of practising, I took the plunge to become a Pilates instructor. This led me on an amazing journey of bodily exploration- mine and others'- and a far deeper appreciation of the wonder of creation. The more I learnt about the human body, the more I was in absolute awe of all that it does without conscious thought, and all that it can do with thought.

Being a widely published professional photographer for over 8 years made it an obvious choice to combine the two fields. This is my zen. Being totally present behind the camera, capturing when the body makes the most beautiful shapes- really celebrating what the body can do. All photographs are a collaboration between myself, the subject of the wonderful being and of the environment. The three combined create truly unique photographs, as can be seen in the huge variety.

In both the areas-body and photography- I am continually growing. My bodily exploration includes energy work with Reiki Seichem, my own spiritual practises, continual anatomical education, continual Pilates education and now the Yoga Asanas, with a plan to do a YTT in the future. My photography is always inspired by the stunning work of so many global talents, but I must single out 'The Ballerina Project' on Instagram; they were the inspiration behind this project.

I hope my love for photography and the human form shows through in the photographs. I would love for you to find something in the gallery that makes you stop and pause for a moment as this is so valuable in our often busy lives.

Please just get in touch if you would like to create together or for any further information. 

Much love xx