Movement and Photography | Jonathan

With 8 years experience in Pilates, Jonathan has been instructing for 2 years. He brings a yogic element by combining Eastern and Western thinking to this contemporary exercise system. After noticing benefits beyond the Western notions of physiology he is now developing 'Pilates for Yogis'. His website shows this thinking as well as YouTube videos to help people with their practise.
Shoulder stand- JonathanShoulder stand- JonathanScissors- JonathanScissors- JonathanControl balance- JonathanControl balance- JonathanJackknife- JonathanJackknife- JonathanRollover- JonathanRollover- JonathanPlow- JonathanPlow- JonathanShoulder stand- JonathanShoulder stand- JonathanJackknife- JonathanJackknife- Jonathan